Donations to the group

  • Local Giving - you can give to the group here
  • Easyfundraising - you can make money for Moorvision while you shop and it won't cost you a penny!
  • eBay - donate money either as a buyer or seller - just go to the eBay charity page and search for Moorvision. 

Support and Information


Local Information and help 

IT support

Magnifying Aids

Library and Book Services

Support for Special Educational Needs in Education.

Toys and Games

RNIBhave extended their range of toys and game in their online shop. 
RNIB Guide to Play: Let's Play is a guide to help you find out how to choose fun and interesting toys for your baby or child, and create exciting play times and play spaces.


Working families - see section on disabled children under 'Families' for working parents of disabled children. 

IT Suppliers

Sport and Leisure

  • British Blind Sport - Sport and Recreation for Blind and Partially sighted people
  • Soccer Sight - audio described football matches and training for VI youngsters
  • VICTA - family and young people's activities. 

Other UK VI Support Groups

All local societies that offer support for children and young people are listed at RNIB for Educational Professionals

Eye conditions

There is a comprehensive list of eye conditions and links to where you can get more help on these at RNIB's website.   
Nystagmus Network - support for families affected by Nystagmus
RP Fighting Blindness - support and help for those with Retinal eye disorders.



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