Children and Young People's Sight Loss MOT

A Resource Guide and Checklist for Children and Young People Living with Vision Impairment

Developed by Moorvision and Devon In Sight it supports familes by looking through the following areas and identifying areas of support and information needed:

Section 1 – Understanding and managing your child’s visual impairment

Section 2 – Helping your child make the best use of their sight 

Section 3 – Health and Wellbeing 

Section 4 – Living and Learning at Home 

Section 5 – Getting out and about 

Section 6 – Financial Support 

Section 7 – Education, Transitions and the World of Work

Section 8 – Feeling positive and making friends

Parent/carers using the MOT have said:

“The focus on my child in the MOT meant that the meeting felt balanced between his successes and needs rather than his needs outweighing his successes.” 

“It is evident that as as our child gets older and his needs change this booklet and Moorvision's support will aid him.” 

“The booklet highlights that one of the biggest challenges of supporting a visually impaired child is not knowing what you don't know.”

You can see the MOT resource guide here

You can see the MOT checklist here

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